Unnamed tower defense project.

I feel like there's a good game in this idea, but I'm having trouble finding it. Until I think of some new angle on that problem, I'm putting this one on the backburner. If you take a look at the screenshot, you'll see a familiar squid that you've also seen in LD35! This is why I didn't put myself up for the graphics category.

The Many Meanings of Jaws.
The idea was to write a bunch of short interpretations of Jaws. The problem is that film buffs don't usually know how to write. I'll pop a short summary of this or that film critic's interpretation of the movie, and maybe eventually I'll have enough someday.

Monster: the Three-Headed Ghidorah
An ironic reversal of Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster. The idea was to take the dialogue from Ghidorah and reverse all of it, but I just don't have much time to work on something so ridiculous right now, and I couldn't figure out a good, non-tedious way to both screencap the movie and handle all the art anyway.